Common Problems Every Pool Owner Has to Deal With

installation of water filters

installation of water filters

Having a pool in your home is great for a variety of reasons. Taking a swim or a dip is a great way to unwind and relax after a stressful day’s work. If you are conscious about the health of the family, swimming is also a good exercise. During the hot summer months, you won’t have to go to crowded public pools or water parks to cool down.  Also having a pool can increase your estate’s value by a substantial amount.

However, there is also a downside to having a pool. if you have kids or people at home who don’t know to swim, a pool dangerous. In this case, you will need to install a barrier or other similar safety measures. Aside from the safety concern, there are several common maintenance problems that every pool owner has to deal with. The good thing is that these problems have solutions.


To lessen the cost of having a pool, many homeowners have their own private wells as the water source. This is a great idea. However, there are several minerals from the ground that can contaminate the water and have undesirable effects.

Iron and copper are two of the most common minerals you can find in the ground. These two are also the most common mineral contaminants found in good water. Pool water that has a high amount of iron turns brown while copper causes a teal color. There are pool water filters, such as the one from Callidus, that neutralizes the iron and copper in the water.

Acidic Water

If you are living in an area that suffers from acidic rain, it is very likely that your pool will also have a similar acidity problem. This results in a murky pool water that is unpleasant to look at and can be scary to swim in. Dealing with this problem is easy as testing the water to determine the acidity level and then using an acid neutralizer to lower the acidity to acceptable levels.


If your pool is looking more like a swamp or a moat, it is very likely that you an algae problem. Algal growth is one of the most common pool problems and is marked by the greenish color of the water. This happens when the chlorine level in the pool water is too low. A simple solution is to increase the chlorine level or applying algaecide to exterminate and prevent algal growth.

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