Clean Water For Food Booths



Food booths, as implied by their name, are food business that operates out of small booths or stalls. It is normally found in country fairs, festivals, flea markets, malls, and parks. These businesses generally offer snacks and other items that can be eaten on the go. It is definitely not a traditional dining experience. The idea is to eat while enjoying the festivities and sights of the surroundings. There are also food booths that serve as takeout stations. Recently, many traditional restaurants have booths dedicated for takeouts.


Clean water is extremely important for food businesses. A supply of clean water protects the safety of the customers and ensure the quality of food products. It is for these reasons that many restaurants have water filter for iron and other minerals that can alter the flavor of the water.


Water supply is an important element of running food booths. Most food booths rely on public water. It is affordable and convenient. However, water analysis of public water is not exactly confidence-building. Public water tends to have high content of disinfectants. Disinfectants like chlorine compounds prevent growth of disease-causing microorganisms in the water, keeping it safe for consumption. However, chlorine compounds give water a weird smell. These compounds can react with other substances in the water to produce harmful compounds. Some of the resulting compounds are known to be carcinogenic or toxic.
There are small water filter systems well-suited for the needs of food booths. Although small in size, these systems pack a punch when it comes to removing contaminants in the water to produce high-quality and safe water for drinking and cooking.

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